Taylor Swift Takes The After-Party To The Lincoln Memorial

Isn't it refreshing to see a super-famous pop star take time out of her busy schedule to honor our country's founding fathers? OK, so maybe Abraham Lincoln wasn't technically a founding father, but the 16th president of the United States did hook us up with some dope ways to better our country and stuff. Yay, history!
After her show in D.C., a casually dressed Taylor Swift (WAIT, BUT IS THAT A CAT FACE ON HER SHIRT?) and friends visited the famed Lincoln Memorial. She tweeted along with a pic, "It was my first time seeing the Lincoln Memorial up close (missed the school trip in eighth grade cause I had a show)." I guess being a famous kid does have its drawbacks. Sure, you're making millions and living out your dream of singing to thousands of fans at a time, but you're missing out on a seriously character-building eighth-grade trip to D.C.! And I'm not even kidding! I have very fond memories of my class trip to see Abe.
Even though she's a few years late, how cool is it that Taylor Swift chose to pay homage to Abraham Lincoln after her show instead of going to da club and getting tipsy? Great choices, Tay. You know how to make 'em.

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