A Canorous Quintet

Formed in 1991 A CANOROUS QUINTET, a brutal Death / Black Metal act, released their ‘The Time Of Autumn’ demo having undergone a multitude of line-up changes up to that point. Guitarist Leo Pignon later forged a similar Black Metal outfit NIDEN DIV. 187 with members of DAWN and THY PRIMORDIAL releasing two albums ‘Towards Judgement’ and ‘Impergium’ on Necropolis Records.Fredrik Andersson also boasts credits with AMON AMARTH as a current Drummer. Vocalist Marten Hansen is guest on OCTOBER TIDE’s 1999 album ‘Grey Dawn’, and also the current Vocalist for SINS OF OMISSION. By 2000 both guitarist Linus Nirbrant and Andersson were involved in aside project called GUIDANCE OF SIN.THE LINE UP WAS:
Linus Nirbrant-Guitars
Fredrik Andersson - Drums
Jesper Löfgren - Bass
Mårten Hansen - Vocals
Leo Pignon - Guitars

About Album:

Silence Of The World Beyond


Track List :

1. Silence Of The World Beyond
2. Naked With Open Eyes
3. Spellbound
4. The Orchid's Sleep
5. The Black Spiral
6. The Last Journey
7. In The Twilight Of Fear
8. Burning, Emotionless
9. Dream Reality

Download Silence of The Beyond


The Only Pure Hate 


Track List:

1. Selfdeceiver

2. Embryo Of Lies
3. Red
4. The Void
5. Everbleed
6. The Complete Emptiness
7. Retaliation
8. Realm Of Rain
9. The Storm
10. Land Of The Lost

Download The Only Pure Hate


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