Ciara, 'Turn It Up' Feat. Usher

Ciara wants the volume and heat cranked for her latest single, 'Turn It Up,' a sweaty Saturday night club jam from the singer's fourth studio album, 'Basic Instinct.'

In the song, Ciara shares the spotlight with Usher, who croons a verse and joins in with her at one section for a lush duet. The single is clearly targeted at the dance-friendly crowd, with Ciara's lyrics painting a dancer's moment in the club when the sound saturates and the search for separation amid a sea of people ends.

"Feel like I'm alone here in a crowd / Just me and my song," she sings. Usher's lyrics then describe the dancer's observer, wanting in. "Let go, I know you want to / I want to see you move it, move it / Take it up, shake it up," he urges.

Ciara is an R&B diva singing in and for a new age, which explains her appropriate moniker, "The Princess of Crunk 'N B." She's a decisive and graceful vocalist with a penchant for synthesizing the classic strength and caress of a soul singer with production and beats that trend closer to dance and electro-pop.

'Turn It Up' is the fourth single to be released from 'Basic Instinct,' following 'Ride,' 'Speechless' and 'Gimmie Dat.'

To listen to 'Turn It Up,' tune into


'Turn It Up', the latest single from Ciara. I think the song would be a heat for the fans.

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